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Human Rights NGOs

Five South African human rights NGOs you should know about

To celebrate Human Rights Day on 21 March, here is a look at five of South Africa's NGOs working for human rights in the country and beyond, organisations dedicated to the promotion of human dignity, equality and freedom.
Radebe: academia must embrace the ideals of the NDP

Radebe: academia must embrace the ideals of the NDP

The National Development Plan, which identifies the critical challenges facing South Africa, emphasised the need for a new model of co-operation between the various sectors of society, including educational institutions, Minister Jeff Radebe told a gathering at Unisa yesterday.

What African universities can do to attract academics back from the diaspora

The African academic diaspora can contribute positively to the continent – by offering their skills and expertise, or training young academics – especially if they partner up with African universities, writes Osabuohien P. Amienyi.

WEF on Africa opens in Cape Town

WEF on Africa opens in Cape Town

More than a thousand leaders have gathered in Cape Town for the 25th World Economic Forum on Africa. They represent business, government and academia and will explore the economic problems of and possibilities for the continent. Four African Global Growth Companies were also named.
Growth is key message for South Africa at Davos

Leaders gather in Cape Town for WEF on Africa

Then and Now: Reimagining Africa's Future is the theme of the 25th World Economic Forum on Africa. It will be the biggest of the gatherings so far, with more than 1 250 people attending, representing more than 75 countries and 83 international companies.

South African research funding fourth-highest in the world

The internet wouldn't exist if it weren't for smart people at universities, but it also wouldn't be what it is today if it weren’t for savvy investors. Researchers and business need a good relationship for society to benefit – and research funding in South Africa is among the highest in the world.

Capital expenditure remains robust

Forum to tackle SA competitiveness

Over 200 high-level representatives of government, business, labour, civil society and academia will gather in Midrand on 5 November for the inaugural Competitiveness Forum hosted by Brand South Africa.

Africa’s social change champions

Africa's five top social entrepreneurs for 2012 were announced at the recent World Economic Forum on Africa, and two are South Africans.
SA's second health train rolls out


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