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South Africa 'pretty good for a 20-year-old': Zuma

South Africa ‘pretty good for a 20-year-old’: Zuma

On 7 October 1994, Nelson Mandela stood up to address the National Press Club on 14th Street in Washington, DC. On Monday, President Jacob Zuma took to the same podium - but with a somewhat different message from that of Mandela almost 20 years ago.

Play Your Part and register to vote!

In 2014 South Africa will not only celebrate 20 years of freedom from apartheid, it will also hold the country's fifth national democratic elections. Play Your Part by registering to vote in the upcoming elections - our democracy was hard-earned through decades of activism and sacrifice, and should not be allowed to go to waste.

South Africa’s ‘born-frees’ come of age

South Africa's "born frees" - a nickname for those born in the year of the country's first free elections - turn 18 this year, coming of age at the same time as a democratic SA. While they acknowledge the importance of remembering the struggle, the future is where their focus lies.

Hold on to freedom, says Brand South Africa

Brand South Africa’s new campaign utilises freedom messages on street poles along major roads to remind all citizens of the struggle and its hardships, as well as its rewards.
Zuma: better local government


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