Now tell us Your SA Story!

Living in South Africa? Then tell us your side of the South African story! (And stand to win a great prize – check the box on the right.)


Inspirational stories

Have you, or someone you know – or your family, community, company, organisation – done something special? Something inspiring? Something worth telling others about? Tell us your story. If it inspires us, we’ll publish it!


Success stories

Have you (or your friend, family, community, company …) done something EXCELLENT? Something stunning, stupendous, extraordinary … or just really good? Tell us your story. If it amazes us, we’ll publish it!


Explore stories

Tell the rest of the world what they’re missing! Tell them about that one place in South Africa – on or off the beaten track – that they’ve simply got to see before they die! And why. (And maybe also how.) Tell us your story. If it gets us packing our rucksacks, we’ll publish it (before we hit the road)!


More stories

Got a story to tell that doesn’t fit into any of the categories above? Don’t let that stop you. Tell us your story. If we like it, we’ll publish it!


But what if we aren’t …?

Inspired? Amazed? Moved to start packing? What if we don’t like your story? Then we won’t publish it. But we’ll read it properly, and consider it honestly, and let you know politely, and hope that you’ll still speak to us!


Any rules or conditions?

Just two. Your story must be:

  • South African (in some or other way; we’ll know if it’s not!)
  • True (as best we can tell!)