Why do I love South Africa?

A Cape Town sunset A Cape Town sunsetPhoto: MediaClubSouthAfrica.com

 I love her for the perfection of her daysThe crisp Karoo morningThe Joburg winter noonThe late summer Cape Town sunsetThe star-filled Free State nightI love her for her peopleFor our warm smilesFor our resilienceFor our I-am-because-we-areI love her because she delights my sensesHighveld thunderboltsJacarandas in bloomSunday braaisAfrican sunIcy seaI love her raw power, her intensity, her strengthI love her because of how she makes me feelSometimes angry, sometimes joyousSometimes fearful, sometimes love-filledSometimes frustrated, sometimes hopefulAlways aliveI love her because she intrigues meAnd challenges meThe Chinese have a curse: “May you live in interesting times”I see it as a blessingI love her because she helps me keep things in perspectiveBy reminding me how privileged I amEvery dayI love her for being a microcosm of the worldA world in one countryFor what we can teach the worldAbout compromiseAnd sharingAnd forgivenessAnd toleranceAnd hopeI love her because she’s imperfectAnd full of opportunityAnd potential unfulfilledI love her because she has come so farAnd has so much further to goAnd whether we ever get thereWill all depend on usI love her because she’s been so good to meAnd she inspires me to return the favourI love her because she’s my countryNo matter whatI love her because she’s my homeAnd where my soul is at restBy Ian Macdonald