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Using Brand South Africa material

Any respectable website or publication that promotes South Africa – directly or indirectly – is free to use Brand South Africa material for non-commercial purposes, subject to a few conditions.

Brand South Africa holds copyright in the website, including all content not owned by other parties.

We cannot give permission for use of:

  • Any images that aren’t ours – ie any images that we source elsewhere.
  • Any articles we source elsewhere – ie any articles that do not carry the “Would you like to use this article?” message at the end.

Except for the above, we gladly grant you permission to republish Brand South Africa articles and photos, provided that:

  • You’ve read our terms and conditions of use.
  • You let us know you’re using our material.
  • You credit Brand South Africa as the source of the material.

How to credit Brand South Africa

When giving credit to Brand South Africa online, ensure you link to the home page of this website:

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