Tune in to heart health in September

yvonne-blog-thumbBy Yvonne Fontyn
30 August 2013

September is Heart Awareness Month, and to help us all get involved, the Heart and Stroke Foundation will partner with 16 radio stations around South Africa, from Bush Radio to Valley FM, Ukhozi to 5FM. The DJs and their teams will be challenged to find out their “heart age” – that is, the true health of their hearts.

Heart age is different from chronological age and can present surprising results, says the foundation – particularly for those who think they are living a healthy lifestyle but are in fact not doing enough to protect their hearts.

The radio presenters will be in the hot seat as screening teams from the Heart and Stroke Foundation visit their studios to test their “vital statistics” – their cholesterol levels, blood glucose, blood pressure, waist measurements and body mass index – all live on air. The campaign starts on 2 September.