Sport is fighting against xenophobia

Minister of Sport and Recreation, Fikile Mbalula, has lauded the sports bodies taking a stance against the xenophobic attacks and says that sport, yet again, is playing a role in uniting people in our country.

asidi1Sport is, yet again, playing a role in uniting people in South Africa. The South African Football Association and Premier Soccer League are organising two international friendly matches against neighbouring countries to create unity in the wake of attacks on foreign nationals. (Image: South African Football Association)

Zumalarge Minister of Sceince and Technology Naledi Pandor

The Minister of Sport and Recreation South Africa, Fikile Mbalula, welcomes the initiatives led by the South African Football Association, the Premier Soccer League and the entire sporting fraternity leadership in the fight against xenophobia.

Minister Mbalula urges all peace loving people to stand together against all forms of attacks to innocent people. “Xenophobia is wrong, it’s inhuman and it does not belong to South Africa or anywhere in the World. Just yesterday, we found refuge in other African countries when apartheid was in full force. Governments of other African countries gave us homes, fed us and most important, helped in the liberation of all South Africans. Imagine if when we were in pain they told us to go home; the freedom we have today would have never been achieved.”

The stance taken against xenophobia by the leadership, the teams and supporters in sport yet again signals the importance of sport in uniting people. Let us all unite in our diversity as the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa urges us to.

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