South African corporates drive positive perceptions of South Africa

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Johannesburg, Monday 21 September 2015 – Research conducted for Brand South Africa by Media Tenor has found that South African corporates are driving positive perceptions of the country in domestic and global media.

This emerges from coverage over the last 18 days looking at a total of 7,090 statements in primarily the Business Day, Wall Street Journal, Financial Times and Les Echoes.

Sectors covered include: mining, media, retail trade, the banking industry, the insurance sector, consulting and accounting services, the financial services and healthcare. South Africa’s performance in the retail sector contributes most significantly to positive perceptions about the country.

This comes against the background of the launch of the Top 50 South African corporate brands jointly announced by Brand South Africa and Brand Finance Africa earlier this week. The top 50 brands are collectively valued at approximately R1.5 trillion and contribute to the country’s reputation particularly since many have international footprints. Many of the companies in the top 50 fall within the sectors highlighted in the research performed by Media Tenor.

Commenting on perceptions of the South African corporate sector in domestic and international media, Brand South Africa’s CEO Mr Kingsley Makhubela said, “Corporate brands are a critical pillar of the nation brand because they contribute to perceptions about the country which impact on national reputation. They equally create jobs and help to grow the economy.

“The research conducted by Media Tenor attests to our view that the corporate sector is an important partner in the South Africa nation branding endeavor. We look forward to the continued commitment of the South African corporate sector to national growth and development priorities,” concluded Mr Makhubela.

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