‘Shelf-help guide’ to buying local


anne taylorHappiness in a HandbasketBy Anne Taylor
13 November 2013

Want to buy local, but don’t know how? Ute Kuhlmann has put together a “South Africa’s first shelf-help guide”, listing more than 1 000 South African products and profiling more than 300 brands.

Categories in Happiness in a Handbasket include food and drink, clothes, shoes, bags and jewellery, baby and child goods, personal care products, office equipment, household appliances, as well as cars and bicycles.

“You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy local. That’s really the same thing.” – Ute Kuhlmann

Kuhlmann, who published the book herself, says on her Facebook page that by following her guide, “you’ll support South African jobs, lower your carbon footprint and discover great local products”.

Also included is a guide to markets – great places for organic, local produce – a colour-coded guide to help you find out if goods are imported or not, information about working conditions and the impact of some common products on the environment.