More colour added to London’s Alive with Possibility taxis

The International Marketing Council of South Africa (IMC) has embarked on an ambitious campaign to raise awareness about the country in the British capital.

The campaign is an extension of last year’s branding exercise, which saw ten taxis branded with the “South Africa: Alive with Possibility” logos and each given mind-opening headlines about South Africa. This time around, the ten additional taxis are more colourful and resplendent in colours of the South African flag.

London commuters now have a colourful alternative to the traditional black taxis.

The sassy vehicles with lively slogans on the side are bound to catch eyes on the streets of London.

On the sides of the vehicles are positive messages about South Africa, including – “South Africa: gateway to 800 million opportunities”

One of the objectives of the campaign is to redress international perceptions by communicating South African achievements in a compelling manner. Another aim is to persuade people of the world to perceive South Africans as ingenious – always finding new ways of doing things and that they develop new, fresh and practical solutions to their challenges. The messaging on the taxi highlights South African gains in the fields of infrastructure, government stability, economic development, business efficiency and tourism.

This campaign is part of a global outreach campaign by the IMC to raise awareness on South Africa’s status as place to do business with. It comes on the back of a successful Branding and Investment Mission to Europe, including London, in June where leading business minds were engaged with South African business leaders on various investment and business initiatives.

IMC Marketing Director Kheepe Moremi says: “There has been unprecedented praise for the Alive with Possibility initiative in London. In line with our new corporate identity we have boldly incorporated the beautiful colours of the South African flag, ensuring that we drive the message home in a compelling manner.”

IMC Country Manager for the UK John Battersby says: “London is the financial capital of the world. Without a doubt, South Africa is being noticed in London for all the work that is going into sustaining our economic growth and the taxis will enhance our overall efforts into the global thrust.”

This is part of the IMC’s initiative of engaging with thought leaders and influencers in different touch points, be it at home — through global television and print campaigns –, or out of home, using taxis, airport advertising and branding missions.

Currently, the IMC has campaigns running in The Economist Magazine (advertising), CNBC Europe (vignette) and Heathrow Airport (on the Heathrow Express and the respective platforms).