The South Africa you want to live in

It starts with you

Over the next two weeks, South Africans can phone their views to 083 900 WITHU (94848) or sms WITH U to 32310 or log into to leave comments. Other phases of the campaign will be unveiled in due course.

The IMC will then collate the myriad of feedback and views that South Africans are expected to express. It will then divide the citizens’ wishes into different categories before feeding it back to the nation through an extended advertising campaign – the overall aim being to inspire South Africans to take action to make this vision a reality.

Moeketsi Mosola, IMC acting CEO, says that “the campaign is about social conversations, difficult or easy. This is the beginning of a journey for the country”.

Mosola hopes that the campaign will inspire the nation to begin to make positive change towards the future we all want to create as South Africans. He added that the campaign starts with each of us making a small change in our lives. “We should all not buy stolen goods, not bribe policemen, we should vote, pay taxes, be good hosts when tourists come to our country – so that we can all begin to be the drivers of change.”

Whilst this campaign is a stand-alone, it also feeds into the broader ‘Movement for Good…It starts with you’, which is countrywide network of organisations that have come together to inspire and mobilise South Africans to become active citizens for good. The IMC is partnering with various organisations all of whom have the common goal of creating a better South Africa (Movement for Good). South Africans can join the movement by sms-ing “Good” and their name to 32197 or by logging into

Sophie Masipa, IMC Marketing Manager explains: “Our campaign aims to inspire citizens to take a collective view around what we see as a South Africa we want to live in, achieving this reality will mean each one of us must participate. It is also to say that no matter how insignificant you think you or your actions may be, every little bit makes a difference, and if we can mobilise the collective, we can make a substantial difference”.

The IMC is already instilling a sense of pride and galvanising patriotism by showcasing 90 minutes snippets on eTV’s sunrise programme during Wednesdays and Thursdays. Through these inspirational pieces of work the IMC is demonstrating that individuals efforts can collectively began to change our country in alignment with people’s wishes of a South Africa they want to live in. Details of the community radio stations involvement, which will allow for a free toll-free for expression of an envisaged future, will be revealed during the week.

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