Say NO to racism

“As we reflect on what the Human Rights Day mean to this country, all South Africans must say NO to racism in whatever form. Events over the last few weeks have focused the attention of South Africans on the fact that racism did not disappear with liberation.”

So says Anant Singh, renowned South African filmmaker and a Board Member of the International Marketing Council (IMC) of SA.

Earlier this year Singh presented a human rights video depicting abuses world-wide, this video was used as a scene setter at the World Economic Forum in Davos, where political and financial decision makers gather once a year.


“The video shows that human rights abuses are not just a South African phenomenon. However, the recent events at the University of the Free State, the controversy around the Forum of Black Journalists, the shootings at Skielik underlines the need for all of us to once again commit ourselves to non-racism.

“Our constitution expects us to build a society based on equality, non-racialism and non-sexism. We have certainly laid a firm foundation, these last weeks have shown however that we dare not relax,” said Singh.

Supporting this call, Yvonne Johnston, CEO of the International Marketing Council of South Africa, said that there are threats to social cohesion in the country. “In the 14 years of democracy, many gains have been made, a firm foundation has been laid, let us protect it. Let us continue building a South Africa that we can all be proud of, let us embrace human rights once again. Consider your individual role – change begins with you”

“The racist incidents of our recent past are an indication of what I’m saying. We must indeed say NO to racism, to violence against women and children, to crime and corruption.

“We have come a long way and remarkable progress has been made. We as South Africans must reach out across all divides to build national reconciliation, shared pride and a new patriotism based on respect for human rights. We have done it before, let us do it again!”