Movement for Good launched to inspire action

“It is about personal responsibility. It is about not saying THEY must fix it, but I can fix it. I can help create the country I want my children to live in,” says Yvonne Johnston on behalf of the International Marketing Council of South Africa (IMC), custodian of Brand South Africa.

Khathu Mamaila, Editor of City Press, notes: “The destiny of our country is in our hands, and we all have to take responsibility for the future. We encourage every person to become an active citizen, to take action, any action, to make South Africa the country we all want to live in.”

Expanding on what an active citizen is, Themba Maseko, CEO of the GCIS says “an active citizen is someone who talks South Africa up, votes, doesn’t bribe, or do crime, initiates or participates in community projects, does their bit to save energy and treats others with tolerance, dignity and respect.”

“If we work together, we can transform South Africa by creating an unstoppable momentum, and ultimately a tipping point,” SAYS Garth Japhet, the Executive Director of Heartlines, which is supported by First National Bank. Mr. Japhet went on to describe a revolutionary networking tool, the Social Networking Platform that Heartlines is launching – which uses communication technology to bring people across the country together.

The vision for the Social Networking Platform is based on the statistic that approximately 80% of South Africans have access to a cell phone, which inspired the concept of harnessing this communications tool “for good”. A technological platform has been developed to enable people to join as members of the Social Networking Platform For Good via cell phone, thus becoming part of a larger movement for positive action.

The Social Networking Platform For Good will send out weekly SMS messages providing inspiring and practical information on taking action – for individuals, families and community groups. In order to receive information most relevant to them, members will clarify their specific areas of interest and will provide basic profile information.

For the 10% of South Africans who have access to the internet, the Movement for Good website ( will provide information on how organisations can join the Movement for Good, as well as links for individuals to support the campaigns of member organisations or to join the Social Networking Platform For Good.

Steuart Pennington from SA the Good News says, “The Movement for Good is part of our healing as a nation, understanding our progress is important and it starts with you.”

Details of the Movement for Good

South Africans are good people, 93% of South Africans give to social causes (with donations, with time and with materials). Ordinary individuals donate R12 billion annually, the corporate sector R5 billion and we have 100 000 NGOs that are working to make a difference. Yet our headlines are dominated by stories of crime, corruption, HIV/Aids, poor education and lack of delivery.

Our positive energy, so much of which is below the radar, needs to be mobilised, good people need to connect. We need to be visible – for good to prevail.

The Movement for Good will do just that. By co-ordinating campaigns and activities by partner organisations, as well as through breakthrough SMS technology and a dynamic website – NGOs, SMME’s and corporates will be able to join the Movement for Good and individuals choose where they want to make a difference and join a community of likeminded individuals who want to work for good.

That’s what movements do, they organise people, they create an unstoppable momentum, and ultimately a “tipping point” that builds a critical mass that will ensure the ground swell grows with a force to be reckoned with.

The Movement for Good has been established to build a South Africa we all want to live in.

Who started the Movement for Good?

‘The Movement for Good, it starts with you’ was founded by City Press, GCIS, Heartlines, the International Marketing Council of South Africa (IMC), SA the Good News, the SABC, South African Tourism, the Valued Citizens Initiative and various government departments. Since its inception, the 2010 FIFA World Cup™ Organising Committee SA, City of Johannesburg, Eskom, FNB, IEC, Indalo Yethu, Kaelo, Meropa Communications, Moral Regeneration Movement, National Youth Commission, Nelson Mandela Foundation and Paula Fray & Associates have also joined the Movement for Good.

While all these organisations are running very different campaigns, they are united by the fact that their campaigns are for the greater good of South Africa. These organisations decided to launch the Movement for Good to inspire everyone to act and become involved in doing good. Being a movement, rather than a campaign, the Movement for Good doesn’t have an end date. Instead it will use milestones to motivate all South Africans to work for good.

Who can join the Movement for Good?

Any organisation that runs a campaign that is for good can join.

Individuals can also join, by supporting any of the campaigns run by member organisations of the Movement for Good or joining the Social Networking Platform For Good.

Visit for more information about the Movement for Good.

For more information, including scheduling interviews and accessing photographs, contact:
Candi Matavele: 011 772 1000,
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Issued by Meropa Communications on behalf of the Movement for Good, it starts with you.