It’s time for “Football Tuesday”!


Tens of thousands of us took to the streets on Wednesday 9 June to show our  unwavering support for BAFANA BAFANA. We waved our flags, we celebrated our team and we pledged our support.  

Last Friday, we took on Mexico and we drew. Unfortunately Uruguay beat us this week.  Nevertheless, as South Africans we have a proud history of defying the odds and uniting as a nation to ensure our heroes do not stand alone.

We celebrated when South Africa won the bid to host the 2010 Soccer World Cup some six years ago. We donned our BAFANA BAFANA jerseys every Friday for months. We became masters of the vuvuzela, kuduzela and makarapas.  It is vital for us to continue with the momentum and the positivity. It is up to us to ensure that we continue our support for our national team. Sport is about winning and losing—but more  importantly it’s about continuing to unite our nation and keeping the spirit alive.

Let’s  continue to bottle the positive energy. The World Cup is not solely about BAFANA BAFANA, but also about our country. Whether we make it to round two or not, we must ensure that we support our boys.

Let’s turn “FOOTBALL FRIDAY” into “FOOTBALL TUESDAY” next week—Tuesday, 22 June. Each and every South African should wear their yellow shirts, as we take on France. This will again show the world that we are not only united, but we are a world-class host, committed to leaving a legacy. The one memory BAFANA BAFANA will treasure forever is the support the country has shown.

PRIMEDIA, SOUTHERN SUN and the INTERNATIONAL MARKETING  COUNCIL (BRAND SA) calls on South Africans to paint each and every corner of the country yellow on Tuesday. Please spread the message. Whatever the outcome we will always be proudly BAFANA BAFANA!
In the words of Primedia CEO, Kuben Pillay: “I will be yellow for the rest of my life…”

Issued by:
Yusuf Abramjee
Head of News & Current Affairs: Primedia Broadcasting
Head of Corporate Affairs & Communication: Primedia
Cell: 082 441 4203