Get set for Freedom Fridays!

4 September 2013

The countdown to the 20th anniversary of South Africa’s freedom and democracy will begin with the launch of the Freedom Fridays campaign on 20 September, Arts and Culture Minister Paul Mashatile said on Tuesday.

Speaking at a business briefing in Johannesburg, Mashatile said the campaign, a partnership between the government, Lead SA and Proudly South African, was a call to all South Africans to take pride in their nation and together to celebrate the road the country has travelled since 1994.

“This we will do by wearing, every Friday, anything that expresses our pride in being South African, including the colours of the national flag, traditional wear or a jersey of our favourite national team,” he said.

President Jacob Zuma, in a meeting with a group of the country’s editors, bureau chiefs and political editors in Pretoria on Tuesday, said the Freedom Fridays campaign would call on all citizens “to wear anything that makes them feel South African each Friday”.

Zuma singled out Lead SA for praise during the meeting, saying the active citizenship campaign – founded by Primedia Broadcasting and supported by the Independent Group of Newspapers – was an example of the media fulfilling its responsibility “to promote hope, nation building, development and unity”.

Mashatile, speaking during the unveiling of a 20 Years of Freedom logo in June, said next year’s celebrations would provide an opportunity for the nation to reflect on the path it has walked towards freedom, adding that South Africans should remember that freedom and democracy came at a price.

“It was not free. Many [compatriots] sacrificed life and limb in order for us to enjoy this freedom and democracy. Let us therefore continue to work together to defend and expand the gains of our liberation.” and SAinfo reporter