Feel the Diski Rhythm: it’s time to celebrate 2010!

SA national brand custodian and Tourism body launch invigorating 2010 marketing campaign

Today The International Marketing Council (IMC) of South Africa launched its 2010 FIFA World Cup™ marketing campaign that celebrates two global football spectaculars. The campaign is engineered to ignite the nation and the continent behind both the FIFA Confederations Cup and the 2010 FIFA World Cup, the global football spectacular and South Africa’s status as the first African host nation.

The campaign is a collaboration between the International Marketing Council (custodian of the South African national brand); South African Tourism (destination marketing organisation); and the 2010 Organising Committee (custodians of the 2010 FIFA World CupTM event).

These organisations had their South Africa and African 2010 World Cup™ campaign launch today at the 30th annual Tourism INDABA in Durban. The central campaign theme is that this is Africa’s World Cup™. South Africa hosts it on behalf of the continent.

The IMC/South African Tourism/OC collaboration will provide a holistic approach to marketing the World Cup. The domestic focus is to celebrate the active involvement of South Africans in the 2010 event. The campaign gives South Africans ideas on what they can do to prepare themselves to welcome the world next year, and be warm, hospitable and generous hosts.

At the heart of the Africa campaign is an invitation for Africa to unite and rally behind the 2010 FIFA World Cup™, while the domestic focus is on celebrating ordinary South Africans as champions who will make the 2010 event a reality and a stunning success. Both campaigns celebrate Africa’s passion for football. This celebration drives excitement for a football championship that is going to be colorful, vibrant, intoxicating and alive with a fusion of cultures, dance, song and music.

There will also be an extensive online campaign component that includes a web site, online social networking and mobisites to complement the television commercials. An extensive global editorial and public relations campaign is also in place.

“The campaign is uniquely South African. It exudes warmth, is inspirational,involving and makes you feel proud. The campaign is about celebration, solidarity and it encapsulates the African and South African spirit of Ubuntu,” says Paul Bannister, IMC acting Chief Executive Officer.

The campaign was launched domestically at INDABA today with an invitation to the nation to learn the diski dance and to start feeling the excitement that’s burgeoning all over the world for the biggest showcase of capability and hospitality in the history of the country.

“From the onset, we have said that this World Cup does not belong to South Africa alone, but to all of Africa. In developing a communication campaign specifically targeting this aspect, and communicating in a manner that is widely appreciated, fun and contagious, we are firmly positioning this event and the host continent as alive and vibrant,” says, South African Tourism acting CEO Didi Moyle.

Says Bannister: “It’s time for citizens, guests, fans and the world to start to celebrate the 2010 World Cup with passion and with enthusiasm. We believe that this campaign will begin to ignite the nation. South Africa is going to generate and have fun. If we host this event to the very best of our ability and show the world real South African hospitality the country and the continent will benefit enormously, and the World Cup will be the springboard that it has always promised to be. Ke Nako -it really is time for this continent to celebrate and deliver to the world the spectacular party and celebration it’s been waiting for.”

Moyle: “INDABA was the perfect place to launch the campaign as it is one of the largest travel trade shows in the world. Attended by national and international media, tourism bodies and industry stakeholders, the exhibition offers the ideal platform to show that we are ready and excited to welcome and host 2010 visitors.”

The adverts will start flighting in South Africa on May 11 on numerous television channels. The campaign also launches this week on the continent.

For more information, please go to www.southafrica.info and to www.southafrica.net.


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