Budget 2017 infographic: Where does the money come from? How will it be spent?

The lion’s share of South Africa’s 2017 Budget will be spent on basic education – some R243-billion, or around 15.5% of total spending. But where does the money come from? And what are the government’s other spending priorities? Our handy infographic explains.

The main sources of money the government spends are taxes and levies.

Tough economic conditions have reduced the amount of taxes that will be collected in 2017/18.

In order to sustain its spending priorities, the government has proposed raising additional tax revenue mainly from personal income tax and dividend withholding tax. As a result, some, R1.3-trillion is expected to be collected in 2017/18.

Here’s a quick overview of where the money comes from, and how it will be spent.

Click the image to enlarge.

Words: Mary Alexander
Design: Jae Brits

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