Brand South Africa and Brand Ghana to share experiences in nation branding and profiling competitiveness

Johannesburg, 22 November 2013 – Brand South Africa and Brand Ghana will co-host a ‘Roundtable” Dialogue Session in Accra, Ghana on Monday 25 November 2013.  This comes ahead of President Jacob Zuma’s State Visit to the country.

The dialogue will enable the two nation branding agencies to share experiences on how best to engage in nation branding with a view to profiling their individual competitiveness and the continent’s.

It is also significant since Ghana was the first African country to gain independence in 1957 and South Africa was one of the last in 1994.  The agencies will therefore be able to reflect on where their respective countries are in terms of nationhood and a common identity.

The dialogue between the two nation branding agencies also aims to contribute to the discourse on what needs to be done to improve the continent’s competitiveness and intra-African trade.  If countries, and indeed the continent, is to be successful in attracting inward capital flows, all stakeholders must work towards the same goal.

Speaking ahead of the engagement, Brand South Africa CEO Miller Matola said, “It will be critical for all stakeholders within the continent to work together to ensure that Africa delivers what it promises – to its citizens as well as to its international audiences.  This will not be achieved by governments alone.  We must also remember how important a nation’s people are in carrying the message of its reputation and competitiveness, in actions and in words.”

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