Here’s to you, South Africa

Here's to you, South Africa


anne taylorBy Anne Taylor
25 April 2014

Brand South Africa has launched a new campaign in celebration of South Africa’s 20 years of democracy. Remembering where we come from is important if we are to celebrate where we are. And the ads – which will flight across TVs, radios, laptops and mobiles this weekend, achieve just that.

With the headline, “Here’s to you, South Africa”, the ads are a toast to South Africa’s achievements. “Here’s to 20 years of inspiring achievements and many more to come.”

“We have overcome so much and come so far, it is time to celebrate the miracle of South Africa. We can be proud to be South Africans. We are confident in the future we are building, and are constantly amazed at what we have achieved.” – Wendy Tlou, Brand South Africa’s director of strategic marketing

The campaign aims to generate pride and love – and what else could you feel when you see two students, sitting on a bench, marked “Europeans Only”? Europeans? Seriously?! On a bench in a public place? I’m especially grateful that it is not something my children would  recognise. When I tell them that there was once a time when white South Africans referred to themselves as “Europeans”, we all shake our heads at the madness of it all. When I tell them that once, there were different benches for people with different skin colours, they don’t even believe me. Thank God for that. Thank God we live in a different country – one that is nothing like it was two decades ago.

The past is truly a different country. And who would want to live there anyway?