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Brand SA CI Toolkit

Brand South Africa’s purpose is to build and maintain a strong brand reputation for South Africa both domestically and internationally, and by doing so, contribute to our global competitiveness.

As part of the effort to realise this mandate, Brand South Africa has launched the online version of its Corporate Identity (CI) Toolkit to assist stakeholders throughout business, government and civil society in aligning themselves with the nation brand elements at a domestic and international level.

The tools available in this kit include the country logo, guidelines for marketing, event branding and various other elements to ensure a consistent and distinctive image for the South African brand.

Brand SA Image Library

Brand South Africa also offers an extensive library of more than 3 000 high-quality images, free of charge as a public service.

Nation Brand Knowledge Hub

To further our effort to place South Africa in a competitive position, Brand South Africa has now added the Nation Brand Knowledge Hub to the pool of resources available for use.

The Knowledge Hub is an innovative, informative and inspiring collection of information touching on various subjects relevant to stakeholders such as trade, business and investment in South Africa. The Knowledge Hub also contains research and analysis conducted by Brand South Africa’s research team, led by Dr Petrus de Kock.


Business Plan 2018/2019


Business Plan 2020/2021

Brand South Africa’s free photo library is a public service offering thousands of high-quality images of South Africa, available at no cost.

As part of Brand South Africa’s mandate to market the country on domestic and international platforms, this toolkit primarily serves as a consolidated pack that assists stakeholders across business, government and civil society on the methodology of aligning with the nation brand elements for their domestic and international marketing executions.

Media Library

Brand South Africa is a Schedule 3A public entity, registered as a trust in terms of the Trust Property Control Act No.57 of 1988. The organisation’s Executive Authority is the Minister of Communications.


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