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South Africa’s global reputation is shaped by perceptions of investment, immigration policies and environment, exports, people, culture and heritage, governance, and tourism. In order to...
Safety in South Africa

Safety tips for travellers in South Africa

Crime in South Africa, like many other places in today's world, can be a problem, but all you really need to do is take the usual sensible precautions and follow some basic safety rules.

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SA Fashion Week Summer Spring 2012 Thrills!

South African designers took centre stage at the South African Fashion Week Spring Summer 2012 event which recently took place at the Rosebank Crowne Plaza in Johannesburg. The event was attended by international fashionistas including Ursula Stephens who is well know for her Motions Hair line and work with international stars such as Rihanna. In this video SA fashion Week's Dion Chang, Miss SA Melinda Bam and South African style icon Somizi Mhlongo share their thoughts on how fashion week affects our economy.


When Africa sings, we listen. When she dances, we watch in awe. And, when she plays her favourite game, the fields light up with her dazzling colours - Feel the beat at Africa's feet!

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Did you know that South Africa ranks first in the world for its regulation of securities exchanges? That the country offers the lowest cost of living for expats? That the South African rand is the second-best global performer against the US dollar? And that we rank fourth out of the world’s 66 developing nations? Find out more about what makes South Africa such an attractive investment destination.

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There is a land where the dawn first cast its glow on mankind’s awakening. A land where deserts burst into bloom, and mountains rake the sky. There is a fledgling nation that turned the tide, that set out on a journey of hope and possibility, and tuned that hope into greatness, and that possibility into action. We are this nation. We are this land. We are South Africa.

Celebrating the champions of 2010

A call went out across the continent to make the 2010 Fifa World Cup a truly African event, and the response showed just how united we are

2010 FIFA World Cup Domestic and Africa TVC

From the players on the field, to their fans, to those who laid the pitches and built the stadiums, they were all part of Team South Africa for the 2010 Fifa World Cup.

ITI India 2011

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