How to use Media Club South Africa’s free photo library

All you need to know about locating and downloading high-resolution images from Media Club South Africa’s free photo library.

Johannesburg skyline

One of Media Club South Africa’s offerings is a free photo library containing over 3 000 images of people and places across South Africa.

Traditional dancers in Joubert Park

The photos are available in low resolution (50KB to 200KB in size) and in high, print-ready resolution (1MB to over 10MB in size) – free of any charge.

Sunflower blooms in a field on a Free State farm

The photos are organised into 12 categories. 

Shelling peanuts on a farm in the Northern Cape

To download the high-resolution version, right-click on “Download high-res image” below the thumbnail and select “Save … as” (wording varies by browser) to save a copy of the photo onto your computer.

If you republish the photos on the web or in print you are obliged to credit both the photographer and Media Club South Africa.

On the web, this credit must include a link to Media Club South Africa.

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If you have any further queries, or need help, email Mary Alexander at

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