Yours In Tirisano

We want to help the build the community and youth through sports. We will be running leagues and tournaments for the schools and youth of the community. We will also be running an IT centre to help all people in the community with basic PC skills. The IT centre will also run a programme on weekends and holidays to teach school kids and teachers computer skills. We are company that is focused on Public building. We would appreciate all kind of support that can be offerred to help us build the dreams of our youth through sport and mass participation programs! We need financial support, equipment and we appreciate any donations that can be made to us, no matter how little.Even those who wish to help us with their skills they are also welcome to invest their time.One of our major objective is to build an action sport court to accommodate all our games. We wish to get help to build the court to help build the community and bring them together through sport. This kind of programs will help alleviate poverty through job opportunities and the level of teenage pregnancy and drug abuse. Contact person: Kgothatso Mokobane Telephone: 076 126 3921 Address: 149/20 Ixiweni Section, Tembisa, 1632 E-mail:

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