Wells Art Foundation

  Our organisation helps aspiring writers with reviews of libraries, radio stations, newspapers, television and magazines. We help them publish their works of fiction, non-fiction and poetry. We have writers workshops, in association with libraries, that helps with reading and writing of manuscripts, as well as editing and self-publishing, and help with the way forward as a writer. We conduct seminars on youth development, cultural development, and reading and writing development, and help spread awareness of this project through visiting schools, universities and by having competitions for pupils at schools. We also exhibit books by emerging and experienced writers, and also use the platform to give vernacular writers exposure. We need assistance with venues, transport, PA systems, stationery, transportation, office space, office furniture and a personal computer. We also need marketing and promotional materials like banners, posters, pamphlets and branded t-shirts. We would also like financial assistance in regard to booking fees for writers and publishers and also to pay for bookkeeping fees. Contact person: Brian Wells Telephone: 078 959 3521 Address: 4 Endayeni Section Tembisa 1632 E-mail: 1wellsfoundation@gmail.com  

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