Upbeat Youth Centre

  The Upbeat Youth Centre (UYC) is a section 21 company that is also registered as a non-profit organisation with the Department of Social Development. UYC was founded by Amon Maseko, operating from Tweefontein, KwaMhlanga in Mpumalanga, one of underdeveloped areas in south Africa. The desire to establish such an institution was fuelled by a need to support programmes with a particular focus on unemployed young people such as job search programmes, job creation programs, job placement services and training of unemployed youth in ICT. The organisation’s objectives include: to provide ICT training and to develop entrepreneurial skills among unemployed youth, providing work readiness programmes, providing access to resources, skills and experiences for career development, to empower poor and disadvantaged youth to contribute to the communities they live in and to provide sporting and other physical activities. Contact person: Tshepo Malibe Telephone: 072 291 5735 Address: 1090 Tweefontein J, KwaMhlanga, 1022 E-mail:malibetd@upbeatyouth.org.za  

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