Umvithi Youth Development

  Umvithi is a youth development organisation is the organisation of variety in youth development, education, mentoring and growth in business. The organisation, which has already shown a great amount of effort from its executive members is directed to the public at all, levels in South African societies. The vision of Umvithi youth development, is to target young people from the rural and disadvantaged South African communities, and assist them to combine the understanding of talent, education, work and social living within the country Umvithi Youth Development Initiatives support the efforts to make youth development at the local government, better, more efficient, more effectively managed, more productive, and more accountable. Although relatively small in size and scope, the effort of the consultancy, will help establish a pattern for grant making that builds learning institutions, sports facilities, and development centres. Umvithi Youth Development Consultants (UYDC) initiatives attract audiences from rural backgrounds and secure the best talented minds. Talented youth who may require years of dedicated training too often are referred to the Academy of the Arts institute, also a product of Umvithi Youth Development Consultants. Institutional affiliations with guarantee of the sustainability required to support the ongoing development. The primary aim of Umvithi Youth DC Development programme is to address development issues in our communities amongst young people, while the secondary role of the activities is to support the development of our brands and the Umvithi YDC corporate brand. The key points of alignment identified for the project strategy is based on BASTE and are as follows:

  •  Beauty, Fashion & entertainment
  •  Art, Film & Theatre
  •  Sports
  •  Tourism
  •  Education & Skills
  • Agriculture and Business Development

Needs: Funds to establish more centres and institutions, for youth, economy and community development.

Contact person: Mthobisi Mkhize Telephone: 0763182644 Address: P.O Box 3284 Pietermaritzburg 3200 E-mail:


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