Ukhamba Lwembiza Cares

  Ukhamba Lwembiza Cares was established to assist the Youth of Clermont, KwaDabeka to participate in activities stimulating of growth, a healthy lifestyle, self respect and the establishment of goals. In doing so we aim to change the social culture of drug and alcohol abuse, financial mismanagement as well as restore a sense of pride in the community. This we hope to do by introducing different sporting activities as well as age – appropriate extra mural activities that we appeal to the various characters of youths today. Ukhamba Lwembiza Cares hopes to restore hope in the lives of young people of KwaDabeka for a bright future filled with endless possibilities. Being a subsidiary of Ukhamba Lwembiza Productions, Ukhamba Cares carries with it a vast knowlege of the events industry which it hopes to implore to young people today. Contact us to find out how you can help out. Contact person: Nasiphi Mkhulisi Telephone: 031 811 8914 Address: A326, KwaDabeka, New Germany, 3602 E-mail:  

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