The Women’s Legal Centre (WLC)

  The Women’s Legal Centre (WLC) is a non profit law centre that seeks to achieve equality for women, particularly black women, through impact based litigation, the provision of free legal advice to women, supporting advocacy campaigns by gender and other organizations and training that ensures that people know and understand the impact of the judgments of the courts around women’s rights. The WLC also provides legal advice to other non governmental women’s organizations nationally and in Africa. The WLC is staffed by attorneys and a legal advisor who specialise in gender law and have extensive litigation experience. Our offices are situated in Cape Town, and we offer our services to women country wide. Needs: We would like to extend our free legal advice service to reach children and rural women by using technology. Contact person: Jennifer Williams Telephone:021 424 5660 Address: 124 Adderley Street, 7th floor Constitution House, Cape Town E-mail:  

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