Sela Emthonjeni

Sela Emthonjeni (Sela) started on August 9, 2011 in East London. Our vision is that we are catalysts for education and we realise our vision by being a social entrepreneurship organisation that equips young people (in and out of school) for career and entrepreneurship development. It started after recognizing that there are insufficient resources available for learners and youth on life after Grade 12 and entering the job market for the first time. 

Since inception we have reached over 1200 learners, through working with local high schools in the district and local churches. Our method of delivery is by facilitating workshops in Career Skills, Communication Skills and Learning & Information Skills. Curriculums have been developed, revised and adapted from various resources for the learning areas.

Working with the youth and local stakeholders has demonstrated that there is a need and huge gap for the work we do. Success stories include Life Orientation educators who appreciate the extra help in assisting with resources for Career Development, Grade 9 learners who now understand the importance of choosing the right subject stream (Commerce, Science or General) for it impacts on what careers they will choose after Grade 12. We provide Grade 12 learners with information of where to study for further education & training institutions, when to apply, how to finance their studies and highlight the scarce skills list released by the Labour Department annually to give them an idea of what our country needs. 

Students are equipped by frequent update of our Facebook page that posts available bursaries, internships, learnerships and in-service training opportunities so that they can be able to have the necessary experience to get into the job market. Sela also offers work readiness programme to assist with transition from school life to work life for final year students on facilitating sessions on writing CV, acing an interview, dress code at work and professional work ethic.

Needs:Our organisation needs for educators in the province to contact us so that we can visit their schools and offer the workshops to their learners. 
We need finance to be able to continue to do this work as there is no charge for the participants. 
We need professionals in all career fields to volunteer their time and work with Sela on sharing their career life with learners and students, imparting much needed knowledge and information.

Contact person: Amanda Fononda
Telephone: 0731723100
Address: 60 St Marks Road, Southernwood, East London, 5213

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