Poelano ya Sechaba Developments

We are a non-profit organastion that work in rural areas as in rural areas oppotunities are not available most of the time.

We run several programmes, including health awareness, help for orphans living with HIV/Aids, care for the elderly, and giving food parcels and clothes to the needy. We also assist with early childhood development and teenage pregnancy.

We also raise awareness about recycling and drug-abuse, as well as try provide skills to ex-convicts, especially juveniles, so that they can be accepted by the community.

Our motto is that he who opens school doors closes prison doors.

We will highly appreciate any form of financial assistance as well as donations.

Contact person: Josina Mbongo
Telephone: 083 685 7073
Address: 96 Darius Mohlonga Street, Mohlakeng x7, Randfontein, 1759 
E-mail: josinambongo@vodafone.net

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