NICRO’s vision is the establishment and strengthening of a democratic society, based on human rights principles, through crime prevention and development. The organisation believes in restorative justice, reconciliation and healing, strengthening a human rights culture and building a better society in which all South Africans feel secure and protected, can exercise their rights and enjoy a good quality of life free from fear, crime and violence.

NICRO regards crime as a threat to democracy, good governance and individual rights. Through people-centred development initiatives and support services to victims of crime, offenders and communities, NICRO strengthens a human rights culture and contributes significantly towards creating a safer South Africa by engaging in direct service delivery, capacity building, lobbying and advocacy as well as research. NICRO adheres to the principles of good governance and sound environmental practices.

Needs: Funding for core programmes.
Funding for expansion.
Funding for overheads.
Investment in Social Enterprise Development Strategy.
Wish List for various resources.
Links to overseas SA Expats.

Contact person: Leanne Visser
Telephone: 0214620017
Address: 1 Harrington Street, Cape Town


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