Merafong Youth Associasion. (MEYA)

We deal with young people who are involved in alcohol and drug abuse. We conduct talks at schools and in the comminuty around us, where we educate and motivate the youth of Merafong. We also provide information on employment opportunities and try our level best to link employers with the unemployed.

Need: Our ulimate goal/dream is to open a rehab centre. So we are currently trying to find suitable space for the Rehabilitation centre. We also lack contact people to help us with employment opportunites. We currently have a great need of equipment for our office for us to be able to provide proper and usefull information for our young people. We are also in need of funds for us to be able to conduct our talks with the youth.

Contact person: Luvuyo Jonas
Telephone: 0781972893
Address: Wedela Carletonville 2499
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