Mathyszensloop Youth Organization (MAYO)

Mathyszensloop Youth Organization was started in early 2010 by the youth of Mathyszensloop, Mpumalanga (primary, secondary, tertiary students and working class in various careers) with the aim of helping the youth to succeed in their academic, social, and professional life. 

We have felt the need to form this organisation after realizing, recognizing, and experiencing challenges in our communities such as unemployment, poverty, underdevelopments, and many diseases such as HIV, AIDS, and TB etc.

These and many other challenges is what have driven us to form a structure that would put together the effort and academic knowledge of primary, secondary, tertiary students and working class in various careers, in order to curb the level of youth misery witnessed in our community.

Therefore MAYO as an organisation of the youth, is determine to help the youth of Mathyszensloop and its surrounding communities succeed in life through the activities such as exposing the youth to tertiary institutions, assisting students with admission to various universities, tours to open days at universities, motivational seminars, career expo and etc.

Mathyszensloop Youth Organization (MAYO) is in serious need of funding for its activivies for the current finacial year and next year. Its activities for this year will include, but not limited to the following: Career expo, Business Expo, Womens Day Celebration, World Aids Day and etc.

Contact person: Solomon Mahlangu
Telephone: 072 520 5530
Address: House no 878, Madala Stands, Mathys Zen Loop, Mpumalanga 0458


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