Empowerment of township youth through education, e-literacy training and career guidance.We run after school tutoring and homework sessions for grades 8-12, and have tutoring sessions on Saturday mornings, working with University student volunteers, to help the learners improve their marks, so they can access tertiary and employment opportunities, leading to a dignified living.

Needs: 1. Volunteers – anyone who is in tertiary, or has been through tertiary can become a volunteer to tutor or mentor learners.
2.Bursaries – most township learners have limited access to funding for their studies, so any individuals or companies willing to sponsor a learner for their tertiary studies are welcome
3. Internship/learnership opportunities – IkamvaYouth aims at 100% placement of learners after matric, be it in tertiary, learnerships or employment. Any individual or company willing to offer such space for our learners are welcome.
4.Food/snack for learners – most learners do their best to study on empty bellies. There is need for any form of food support, could it be a fruit, a snack, bread etc. The learners come for sessions three times a week, and providing something to eat will also enable them to concentrate more.
5.Books – We need books for the learners

Contact person: Patrick Mashanda

Telephone: 074-673-1215

Address: 49 Boshoff Road, President Park, Midrand 1685

E-mail: patrick@ikamvayouth.org

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