Ekupholeni Mental Health and Trauma Centre

Ekupholeni provides holistic individual and group psychosocial counseling to 7 000 children,youths and adults each year.The organisation’s clinics are located throughout Katorus, a severely under-resourced area about 25 kilometers south east of Johannesburg.

We provide care via three main programs: HIV/Aids & Bereavement, Gender Violence and Youth at Risk.

We require financial assistance, especially for salaries for counselors, which is by far our largest cost. Counseling is simply impossible to do without human resources.

Also needed are In-kind donations, especially for food for our child headed households, emergency food relief, and food for group meetings and therapeutic camps/retreats.

Contact person: Sarah Mendell

Telephone: 011 648 9820

Address: Green Zozos, Natalspruit Hospital, Kathlehong 1432

E-mail: ekufunding@icon.co.za

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