Awethu Project

Awethu Project focuses on providing professional business coaching and incubation for entrepreneurs from under-resourced communities.

These individuals can be existing business owner who would like to grow their business, or motivated individuals who don’t currently own a business but would like to.

We’ve managed to secure funding from the jobs fund with a goal of creating 1000 jobs by September 2013.

Our key need is to gain media exposure to create awareness of our mission and to attract entrepreneurs to apply

We are looking for videographers who are willing to create short documentary stories which could possibly be used as ads, and also for corporate sponsors who’d be willing to enter a team of employees to act as business developers for entrepreneurs with small start-up capital amounts from around R5 000 to R7 500.

Contact person: Dale September
Telephone: 074 744 2312
Address: Constitution Hill Precinct, 11 Kotze Street, Braamfontein, Johannsesburg, 2017



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