AID My Journey

  We are an English HIV/Aids support group in KwaZulu-Natal that offers counselling and support. We also assist with information, education and communication, and are also involved in speaking engagements on issues around HIV/Aids. We also have development projects for individuals living with HIV. We require several items in order to maintain the counselling centre and the projects that are in the process of being initiated: desks, office chairs, filing cabinets, stationery, bean bags, couches and arm chairs, as well as items like a fridge, microwave, cups, cuttlery, etc. We also need financial sponsorship support for our skills development projects, as well as assistance for our computer skills initiative The input and support of the community is paramount to the success of the centre remaining open as well as assisting in educating and developing a long-term income for individuals. Financial assistance is most welcome. As a Non-Profit Organisation all income is monitored and audited by our accountants, contact details available on request.  

Contact person: Cindy Pivacic Telephone: 073 739 6044 Address: 67 Crompton St, Pinetown, 3610 E-mail:
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