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Doing Good to Create Great with HDI For Good

HDI For Good is a new change organisation poised to uplift youth and families across South Africa with causal passion.


My partner and I have an idea that can bring change and encourage youth to take initiative in their lives.

Protect and love those with albinism

I am a mother of a child with albinism and we have many people with albinism in our family and community.

To look after old people

There are old people in my community they dont get enough support from their families.

I Am Worth Living

I am a homeless alcoholic trying to stay clean.

Youth Entertainment & Empowerment Foundation

Founded by Nkululeko Seby Makhoba and Mbuso Mbatha, Youth Entertainment & Empowerment is not only about having fun, but bringing hope to the youngsters and inspire them to do great in order to achieve great.

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