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Hope for Horns awareness and conservation walk

Good day, A ranger for andBeyond, Daniel Fenton, has a great initiative on the cards next month for rhino conservation and I thought you might be interested to know more as any support would go a long way.

An innocent life depends on human kindness

An innocent life depends on human kindness It is often of the opinion that people in townships should not own pets.

Art and Sport

Hi, I am 19 years old. I think in the community where I live, which is Botlokwa Sekakene in Polokwane city, can create a place where the children can go in their free time to show their talents because there are many children who are all over the street doing unexceptable things.

Saeed Foundation

Inspired by and emerging from communities notorious in various socio-economic disadvantages like gansterism, drugs, violence unemployment etc – is the person & compassionate vision of a group of humanbeings who are aiming to address some of the ills in view of a total redemption of a communities society a nation & humanity.

How Yoga inspired an entrepreneur to create sustainable products and empower local workers

Carte-Blanche, an initiative supported by a Yoga Studio.

Improving the standard of living

I’m young person who volunteered to help my fellow brothers and sisters who are still in primary school as well as those who are in High school.

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