Word of Comfort

I am a young model who thinks it’s my responsibility to bring a change and make a difference to those who are less fortunate and those who have lost hope in life.

My aim is to visit various schools, centers and places where people spend most of their time, especialy young people, and motivate them never to give up in life and help them gain courage and see the meaning of life in a different way.

I have realised that most children tend to give up on life more especialy after loosing a parent or both parents.

Some quit school because their parents might not be working nor be alive so they get the preasure from their peers at school.

My aim is to help them get everything needed for them to feel like others at school by having all stationary and uniform requirements including school bags.

Help them have a meal atleast everyday after school if not on weekends.

I am still working on making this come true and getting the organisation registered because i belive this will bring a change and hope to my brothers and sisters.

I came to realise this after loosing my parents.

I got shattered and lost and did not have hope of giving it the best since I had the mind that life will never be the same.

It will be a great pleasure to see myself bringing a change to those lost souls and to those who are about to give up.


First name: Bridgette
Last name: Minyuku
Email address: minyuku.tm@gmail.com
Telephone: 072 654 4882

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