The road to Elim

I’m part of the community of Mc Carthy human settlement in Uitenhage we don’t have water, lights, electricity, sanitation, roads or anyone that can eliviate our poverty stricken community from our current status.

We ask that someone who knows someone who can make a change please hear and answer our cry for help please find it within your hearts to find us relevant and human.

There’s so much our community can amount too and even more that our children could if only we could please have a little help in helping ourselves, an opportunity to shine our lights and showcase the exploration of our individual talents and would be contributions to society and our nation as a whole.

Our situation is dyer if there is anyone out there that can render aid please contact me or come pay me a visit within our community here in Uitenhage god bless thank you.

Name: Marvin Smith
Email address:
Telephone: 074 362 5711

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