Re-Imagine Reiger Park

Re-imagine Reiger Park is a process advocating transformation and focuses mainly on personal and individual transformation. This because communities do not transform. People do – one at a time.

Our Corporate strategic partner, The Pacific Institute, through their life changing transformation process provides us with the tools to effect this vital change in our depressed community. Our mission is to restore hope back into Reiger Park.

Amidst the ongoing civil instability and recent gang violence in Reiger Park, a township in Boksburg east of Johannesburg, one young man rose up and sought to make a difference. Brandon Isaacs went live on radio 702 with David O’ Sulivan to raise the plight of his troubled 100 000 home town inhabitants.

Amongst David’s listening audience that afternoon was Sam Alexander. Moved by Brandon’s passion, Sam – a former resident and current CEO of The Pacific Institute (TPI) – met this young leader to see if TPI could contribute to his vision for a better Reiger Park.


Sam asked Brandon to invite 20 key people in Reiger Park whom he could address and inspire to join hands in making a difference. That session on 10 April 2012 drew various community leaders, including the head of Police. On 08 May 2012 a follow-up meeting took place with over 100 people invited be the enthusiastic first group.

The project was called Re-imagine Reiger Park! The 100 attendees were divided into six clusters – Education, Faith, Community safety, Business and Opportunities, NGO’s and Youth and Environment. Four more clusters – Early Childhood and Women Development, Substance Avoidance, Sport Arts & Culture and Employment Opportunities – were added later.

Each cluster presented a few disturbing challenges to be re-imagined for a better Reiger Park. Then each cluster identified three people, with passion for and commitment to lasting change, to experience TPI’s world class Investment In Excellence(IIE) process – to assess its applicability and relevance to the envisaged transformation of Reiger Park.

Thus, from 21 May 2012, 18 delegates embarked on a 6 day action-packed journey, spread over a 9 week period, to renewed thinking. The 18 surfaced challenges formed a core part of the facilitation. This is how they perceive IIE’s ability to improve thinking, to add value to and fast track a Re-imagined Reiger Park.

Awesome, effective, energising, optimistic, fresh, motivating, eye-opening!

On 5 June 2012, 16 prison parolees were selected to experience IIE which started on the 27 June 2012. Their testimonies – “if we can change and see a new Reiger Park, we believe so too can others! This process is the beginning of a new chapter for us”.

Courtesy of Madiba’s birthday, a sponsorship gesture by MERSETA CEO saw 30 more Educators embarked on the IIE process between August and November 2012. We believe that they, like their peers on IIE before them, have upped the standard in their classrooms and beyond.

A total of 97 teachers, plus 5 Pastors experienced this life changing process, bringing the overall total to more than 160 delegates from Reiger Park. Since end of 2012 the group has also hosted Christmas parties for 1700, disadvantaged kids each year. Re-igniting the Christmas spirit within the community.

Thus with the help St. François Catholic church, other projects, included: job readiness seminar’s, enterprise development dialogs, that resulted in 9 informal businesses and 5 formal businesses receiving financial and non financial aid to take their respective business to a higher level to create jobs for a few more people.

We initiated prayer drives, where a convoy of cars drives through the streets of Reiger Park, and stop at “Hot Spots” to pray and to urge community members to live in peace and harmony.

This has caused a radical decline in gang related violence’s in the area. More recent projects, included – business leadership camps for school girls with leading corporate business women, youth day events, community clean-up campaigns, blanket drives, and our latest Job Micro business lekgotla 08 October 2015.

Invitations have been send out to the Honourable Mr David Makhura and all 21 seta CEOs. Thus to address his “Township Revitalisation Plan” as it applies to Reiger Park and we are thankfully getting positive responses.

Our objective is to create 800 to 1000 opportunities within the community and see the hope being restore back in a once beleaguered community.

Amidst all we believe there is renewed energy and enthusiasm among a community that believes that the human spirit can triumph in Reiger Park. We are goal setting to impact the thinking of those directly and indirectly and those not currently active members of Reiger Park to build a community that has exceptional potential to cause the emergence of a Re-imagined Reiger Park.

To realise a tipping point, we relentlessly pursue our goal – to empower at least 2000 new dynamic thinkers within the community, that will play an active part to empower, inspire and encourage others to strive for a better Reiger Park.

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