My Career Through Music

My career in music started on radio with The Voice if Soweto in ’96 and SA Music helped me learn how to connect with my audience quicker. I started a 1 hour show called called “The Africa Hour”, which was part of my show called Triumph of the Spirit.

My love affair went public.

Busi Mhlongo had just released ‘Babhemu’ and her record company at the time, Sheer, introduced us and she let me call her EVERYDAY for a motherly chat.

Over the years I become even luckier. I was part of the process that discovered ‘Kwani Experience’, I was the first radio presenter to play ‘Lesego’ on radio at Kaya Fm as part of the ‘Live & Switched On’ show.

Lesego reminded me soo much of ‘Mpharanyane’. Then there was ‘Jaziel Brothers’, ‘ Elle’ and quite a few ‘firsts’ for me.

I remember feeling that South Africa could rejuvenate world jazz after speaking to ‘Zim Ngqawana’ and profiling his album ‘Vhadzimu’. Afterall, this is the country Paul Simon came to in an effort to revive his musical fortunes.

We know about Graceland and we know Johnny Clegg recorded 30 such albums as part of Juluka and Savuka. I grew up on ‘Cinema’, ‘MarcAlex’, Yvonne and her ‘Umqombothi’, she is probably the reason i became a ‘DJ’.

I am a proud South African and I love how we have been collaborating with the rest of Africa and the world. I am also a collector of all South African albums. I am thankful to the arts for giving me a career as ‘Pat Cash’.

I love this country!!!

First name: Patrick
Last name: Maloyi
Email address: 
Telephone: 072 979 9570

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