How Yoga inspired an entrepreneur to create sustainable products and empower local workers

Carte-Blanche, an initiative supported by a Yoga Studio.

My name is Marjolein and I am in the 21st year of running my own Yoga Studio, 15 years of which are full time. Prior to that I taught pre-primary children for 24 years, arts and crafts to younger Primary School children and moving wooden toys and painting to adults.

A few years ago I felt the need to finally attend to my own artistic inclinations, having always guided others into the creative process. I started with blank cards which I drew with colour pencils and which were printed on recycled local paper.

Designer notebooks followed; and shweshwe bags which can roll up into an attached pouch aimed at preventing the unnecessary use of plastic bags.

As an extension of the Yoga Studio; sustainability in the use of fabrics and other materials has become a main focus. The employment of local people is another priority, as well as quality functional products which are beautiful and used for daily living.

Carte-Blanche is in its infancy but already creates a lot of regular work and employs a few people on a part-time and contract basis. We now have a small range of different clothes using artistic local materials and fabrics, both African and other; and we need to expand our market base in order to keep up the work and job creation.

Carte-Blanche invites you to buy good quality products and clothes which are affordable, artistic and which support our local artisans and resources.

Our website is We look forward to your support or any other suggestions! Marjolein Gamble

Name: Marjolein Gamble
Email address:
Telephone: 021 671 4068

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