Changing the foundation

My name is Annette mahlangu. I am a full time flight attendant for South Africa’s national carrier SAA. Iam a young lady who believes in change and starting at the root.

So I met a gentle man by the name Bob who started a youth and community development centre from his home in 1987 to date. After seeing the challenges he encounters as a man dealing with the youth in his home and within the community of Kliptown, I decided to become part of his amazing journey, known to the kids as Sister Annette.

I help out where I can and have become part of this family. We do events for the kids and help out in their daily challenges. Hard as their daily lives are, we try put a smile on their faces and motivate them that where you are from doesn’t determine where you are going.

We do community projects for the community to encourage them to take a stand and not depend on hand outs. They clean up and plant vegetables for themselves. We work hard for a better tomorrow.

Like any other family we have challenges but we work as a team. I am blessed to be part of this family and look forward to a better tomorrow for all.

First name: Annette
Last name: Mahlangu
Email address:

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