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Hello Tomorrow! #HireAGrad in taking off!

#HireAGrad is a scarce skills development initiative for unemployed graduates aimed at changing the futures of downtrodden and demoralised unemployed South African graduates, for the better.

Feeding & Shelter for the Homeless

Mandela Day 2017 ”Feeding & Shelter 4 Homeless”
For Mandela Day 2017 the Pieter Kruger Foundation team is running a project ”Feeding & Shelter 4 Homeless”

Evamercy Societies Youth Organisation

I believe that every living human being is assigned to finish a certain task or has a purpose to live on earth, we all have gifts that will lead us to prosperity. We are the instrument that embraces the inheritance of prosperity and welfare of the kingdom of God to youth, we work to serve young stars on discovering talents and helping them to groom those talents to reality.

Creating a carbon storage sink using indigenous plants

Climate change is becoming an ever more pressing issue. As the world continues to burn fossil fuels and release harmful gases into the atmosphere we are slowly reaching a dangerous point of no return. Spekboom is a succulent plant that absorbs and stores carbon from the atmosphere and can be used to help mitigate emissions.

Changing township lives by helping township pets

First name:Marcelle
Last name:du Plessis

The road to Elim

I’m part of the community of Mc Carthy human settlement in Uitenhage we don’t have water, lights, electricity, sanitation, roads or anyone that can eliviate our poverty stricken community from our current status.

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