Stay masked-up the South African way

In an outstanding display of solidarity and as the country celebrates Heritage Month in September, Brand South Africa partnered with IQbusiness to distribute 1 000 South African flag masks to the community of Diepsloot on 16 September 2020. Although this years’ heritage celebration will take place virtually due to the devastating CoVID-19 pandemic, Brand South Africa marks this activation as one that emulates Ubuntu and social cohesion 

The CoVID-19 outbreak has presented the country with unprecedented challenges to businesses, governments and communities. A key challenge in the current crisis is the demand peak for basic consumables such as masks. “Though the country has advanced to a new level with alleviated constraints, we are still functioning in a National State of Disaster. The end of this epidemic is far from over. Masks have become a crucial element in our daily apparel and we hope that these masks will help many families and communities alike to be better equipped and safe said Brand South Africa’s General Manager of Stakeholder Relations, Mpumi Mabuza. 

As the country marks an important month on the calendar, government calls on all South Africans to use Heritage Month to nurture greater nation building and a united national identity. “This initiative by Brand South Africa and IQbusiness is an excellent example of public and private partnerships and proves that state cannot carry out the battle against the spread of the epidemic alone. It needs all role players in the country to be on board as this is a societal crisis” said Mabuza.  

The use of the South African flag on the mask is intended to instil a sense of pride and patriotism in the difficult situation citizens find themselves in. It is one of the country’s symbols that represents the convergence of a unified nation. “This initiative is only a minor contribution. Imagine the kind of influence and reach we could have if we all united our efforts and invested in our communities. It is imperative that we be the change we want to see in South Africa, and beyond,” Robyn Mitchell of IQbusiness concluded.