Getting people to help themselves

In January 2016, Musa Mathebula established the NPO Musa Projects. His organisation aims to create hope and empower those who cannot provide for themselves so as to improve the quality of life in these affected communities.

Musa Projects’ mission is to partner with both private and public sectors and find ways to improve the quality of life in impoverished communities. (Image Musa Projects)

In just over a year since its establishment, Musa Mathebula’s NPO Musa Projects has collected and distributed sanitary pads to schools in rural communities; provided school shoes and toiletries to students; collected and handed out clothing to destitute families; assisted families with food parcels and other household items; and helped homeless people with clothing and open day gatherings.

Some of the work Musa Projects has been involved in includes donating cement and tiles to Mbabalana Primary School in Port St. Johns in the Eastern Cape; donating baby formula and clothing to a family in Soweto in Gauteng; offering food to the victims of flash floods in Alexandra in Gauteng and handing out sanitary pads, shoes and toiletries to schools in Barseba Village in the North West.

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