The Luthuli Learning Centre & Project Zenzele

Our family fell in love with the uMnini Trust Area in KwaZulu Natal and the people- warm, thoughtful and generous though materially poor. Although a bountiful rural community, the people of uMnini face numerous social and economic issues.

Poor educational resources, unemployment, poverty, HIV/Aids, drug abuse (especially Whoonga which is abused mainly by the youth) as well as the lack of opportunities and facilities for the disabled. While these are all problems common to rural communities, this is a community we can make a contribution to, as it is a community we will soon be calling home.

Thus The Luthuli Learning Centre came into existence. It is named in the spirit of gratitude after the Luthuli family who sold us the property and supported the idea. Its aim is to host resources that will enable those in the community to gain knowledge through free use of the library, internet access, computer room, homework/project assistance etc.

Through The Luthuli Learning Centre we will run Project Zenzele, which will hold free computer training classes for the unemployed and children of the community, but will mainly focus on those with disabilities. Zenzele means to ‘do for self’, and it is that attitude of self-improvement and betterment through knowledge that we wish to encourage.

The project is still in its early stages and we still require assistance, especially with books for our library. It is our hope that we will be able to serve the people of this community, and the learning center will become a sanctuary as well as a helping hand.

First name: Nikita
Last name: le Grange
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Telephone :074 131 0046