My rise to the fashion world

Am a Gauteng born teenager oozing with determination. Passion and zest for success Namely AZARIA KHOZA. I’m a university student at the Tshwane University of Technology ,am studying fashion design. I come from a poverty stricken little location called zonkizizwe.

And although I was born and raised there I told my self that I will help everyone turn their lives around in my community. I had a very unpleasant childhood. My parents divorced when I was only 12 years old. And this profusely affected my self as a young person. In the 2011 I finished my metric and ventured on my own to come to the university.

And take heed I am the first one around my area and my family to do this. I struggled financially I had no one to pay my fees, no food, no place to stay but I pressed on.

My story will highlights the importance of passion, perseverance and determination. as a young person I learned that we as individuals we have the power to drive our lives, when my parents broke up the world was literally falling apart, at the university I had no food, no place to stay but I was able to drive my life into a different direction and a different level.

As part of making my move to my dream I entered a design competition. And made it to the finals to showcase at a big fashion show in Pretoria on the 7th of September 2012.Where as a designer I was challenged to create a corset out of recyclable material.

This is where my community comes in now. I took it upon my self that I will personally to go around picking up rubbish as part of cleaning my community. This design competition will assist not only me as a designer but also the community members.

Pollution is a huge factor affecting South Africa as a whole so as a designer am taking my part in cleaning the streets of my community and also creating art (clothing). I fully support the idea of RECYCLING,RE-USING AND REDUCING.

Because not only it keeps our streets cleaner but also boost our economy as a whole country. I know my story will add a bit of a twist to your show as this as never been done before but am certain through this platforms we can change lives.

It is very important for us to persevere and work hard cause is a first year university student yet I was chose as one of the best in Gauteng. I know broadcasting my journey to my first fashion show will change the outlooks of high school learners and those I left back hone at zonkizizwe (katlehong).

First name: Azaria
Last name: Khoza
Email address:
Telephone: 079 570 6282